About us

Our story

We are running a premier recruitment and training organization for the past 10 years. This created a lot of direct interaction with fresh job seekers and the many who look for a change in their current jobs.

Too many people seemed lost in life. There were engineering graduates with no knack for technology. Commerce students who were terrible with numerical analysis and scores of bright sportspeople who were too afraid to take the plunge. In the various parties we came across that amazing musician who never pursued it as a career.

At the same time we found many people who were truly enjoying what they were doing and excelling at their work. They were excited about life and their hopes and dreams.

The difference was just one. These people had found their true calling in life and had had the courage and opportunity to follow it. We started asking questions and realized that there was a need to answer this question. We looked through a variety of testing procedures but to no avail.

Then we came across this evolved and tested scientific procedure that uses just our fingerprints to help us discover our congenital abilities. We tested ourselves and our team and came up with stupendous results. It helped us at home, at work, our teams and in our overall life. With careful understanding and ever increasing belief a decision was made.

Thus in January 2013 Famous Fingers was born – An idea that we wanted to take forward to everyone that we possibly could. In this we found an idea which has the capability of changing the possibilities that we can achieve with our lives.

Our beliefs

We believe in the goodness of every human being. Everyone is special & have certain inborn talants & qualities. We also believe that the world would be a much better place if everyone do what they can do best.

Our mission

We want to empower every individual to harness their innate brilliance to create success for themselves and the world around them.

Our vision

We see a better world through our sustainable solutions for individuals & corporations alike. We see confident, empowered people living to their fullest potential.