We help you discover yourself

  • Strength of various abilities of your brain

    We can find strength of abilities/skills like Imagination, Qbservation & reading, Linguistic ability, Body movement & control, Sound, Recognition/Picture, Reasoning, Management, and Leadership.

  • Learning sensitivity

    Learning sensitivity reflects the brain & muscle coordination ability in conveying & transmitting information. We then recommend ways in which you can improve your speed of learning & level of response.

  • Total learning capacity

    TFRC is a reflection of a person's inborn learning capacity; commonly known as "Neocortex Brain Cell Capacity". It is our inborn neuron capacity which reflects our total learning capacity. Once you know yours we help you find the best strategies to maximize learning.

  • Quotients

    There are four quotients: Emotional quotient (makes us aware of our feelings), Intelligence quotient (your ultimate intelligence), Adversity quotient (how you respond to adversity), and Creativity quotient (ability to generate innovative ideas & manifest them into reality).

  • Left - Right brain dominance

    Our left brain is all analytical & logical, and our right brain is all artistic & creative. A Left-brainer seems to thrive when following plans while a Right-brainer is very good at group & hand-on activities. What is your inclination? Discover.

  • Relationship compatibility

    We do NBDE profiling. Negotiators are loving, caring & compassionate. Builders are typically conventional, dependable, calm & social. Directors are focused, ambitious & competitive. Explorers are willing to take risk, like novelty and are energetic & spontaneous.

  • VAK learning style

    The VAK learning style uses 3 main sensory receivers: Vision, Auditory, and Kinesthetic to determine your dominant learning style. Hence, you can know your optimum style of learning so that you can learn quickly & effectively.

  • Multiple Intelligences

    Conventionally we only know of the IQ test which has a lot of limitations. Here we discover 8 different intelligences namely: Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence, Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, Visual-Spatial Intelligence, Naturalist Intelligence, Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, and Intrapersonal Intelligence.


  • For Children

    • Identify his/her best learning style and characteristic
    • Identify his/her inborn talents and weakness
    • Tailor-make your child’s own learning program
    • Reduce wastage of time & money on irrelevant courses and classes
    • Build up the child’s confident
    • Improve the relationship b/w parents and children
    • Give your child a happy childhood
  • For Individual

    • Understanding yourself, choosing the right career
    • Identify & hamess your core competence
    • Identify your best learning style and leadership style
    • Ignite your passion of living and rekindle your far gone dream
    • Invest smartly in yourself for personal development
    • Identify your EQ, IQ, AQ, CQ distribution
    • Self-empowerment for achieving your goals and dreams
  • View corporate benefits
  • For Corporate

    • Place the right talent in the right position
    • Ensure pre-employment screening
    • Empower your staff by knowing their talents
    • Discover the hidden value of staff for profit creation
    • Produce an all-star team
    • Organize your workforce for peak performance
    • Profile the senior management on talents, leadership and management

So, how do we do it?

Our fingerprints & brain’s neo-cortex develop simultaneously. They both are made up of the same tissue.

Scientists have found that human brain's neo-cortex, which performs different functions of the brain, & fingerprints develop simultaneously. Also, the brain & the fingerprints are both made from the same tissue.

Each of our fingerprints corresponds to some part of our brain. Eg. our Thumbs correspond to the Prefrontal cortex which is responsible for our Executive & Cognitive abilities, & personality; our Index fingers correspond to the inferior Frontal lobe which is responsible for our Thinking & Imagination.

Side view of brain showing all lobes of our brain & fingers associated with each of them
Each of our fingerprints correspond to functions of specific part of our brain.
"The great pleasure and feeling in my right brain is more than my left brain can find the words to tell you."
Dr. Roger Sperry

In 1981, Dr. Roger Sperry won the Nobel prize for his research on the split-brain theory. The studies demonstrated that the left and right hemispheres are specialized in different tasks. Our left brain is responsible for our analytical & logical side while the right brain is responsible for our artistic & creative side.

Our right hand fingerprints correspond to our left brain & our left hand fingerprints correspond to our right brain.

A top view of brain with all analytical attibutes on the left side & all artistic attributes on the right side
Our left brain is all analytical & logical, and our right brain is all artistic & creative.
“Your distinctive fingerprints hold the key to understanding who you came in this world to be and what you came here to accomplish.”

Hence, we use your fingerprints to decode your brain. Each of your fingerprints tell us something about your brain. We can then answer questions like, what your strengths are? What is your optimum style of learning? Your muscle coordination? How you percieve information? Are you a creative kind of person or more of a logical type? What you can do best? Which career paths will be good for you & which won't be that good?

You would understand yourself better. You would feel confident, motivated & secure about yourself. You would know exactly what to do in your life. It's your life & nobody should tell you what to do. Take informed decisions.


"I believe fighting against the nature is futile, working with the natural grain of things can bring great success with little expenditure of energy. Famous Fingers has helped me set my goals. I have realized my potential, my inborn abilities and now I have a goal in my life, which I know, I will achieve by putting little effort. Thank you Famous Fingers!!! I am more confident now!"
Priya Shukla
"Famous Fingers has re-energized my self belief. It has renewed my sense of purpose and now I'm starting to trust myself and my inborn abilities. I really used to feel pointless to work and imagined that my life was absurd. Thanks again, now I'm doing (and loving) what I was made for."
Ankur Sharma

Get analysed

Our process has just three simple steps:

  1. Fingerprint scanning on our location. (view available locations)
  2. Biometric Multiple Intelligence Testing by our expert. (talk to our experts)
  3. Report generation & consultation. (view sample report)

We will hand over you the report in person. We’ll explain everything to you in person. There will be a detailed & extensive counseling session just to answer any question(s) you have.


Child report (for students upto class 10th) Rs 5,500
Adult report (covers NBDE, relationships & career development) Rs 6,000